3 Comments to “Donald Sutherland: Home is where the Art Is”

  1. Brenda Anderson

    Apr 22nd, 2011

    I have some of your work and I thought you left California…….
    Just as a fluke typed in your name as I miss your work terribly.

  2. Karen Anderson

    Jul 5th, 2011

    Rest in Peace, Don. Your work has brought joy to my daughter and her husband and she will miss stopping by your workshop. I enjoy the bowl that she gifted to us and had hoped to purchase more this past weekend when we met your daughter and learned of your death.

  3. Stefen Schwartz

    Jul 12th, 2011

    I met Don while searching for someone to make custom sculpture-pottery for a client of large estate-residential home.

    Over time, we became good friends and eventually I wanted to learn more about the art of pottery.

    Over time, I spent many a night with Don and his wife throwing pots in Costa Mesa, California.

    What a fantsstic learning experience to remember.

    Know Don had found an old historic farm home and was trying his hand creating wood sculptures in the barn.

    After a while I lost touch with Don and was unaware, till now, that he had resumed his pottery making.

    Fortunately I still have a dozen or so of Don’s original pots, several of which were his early Native American pot examples.

    Goodby my friend.

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